Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Run

Well, Saturday was our big event day. We ran at the Peninsula in an endurance run to raise money for Parkinson's. It was an absolute great day! I was surrounded by friends and family and enjoyed every minute of it. We all ran as much as we wanted. Matt ran 13 miles!! He rocks:o) I ended up with 6, but I only get credit for 5 cuz my last mi I ran after I turned my chip in.

Our fundraiser was a huge success! Had 11 team members, and so far have raised $1340 for Team Parkison! Not too shabby for our first attempt at a fundraiser:o)

A big thanks to everyone who donated to our cause. And a special big thanks to everyone who came down in the freezing cold and ran, took pics, and shared our day with us!

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