Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Humbling Experience

Yesterday, Oct 17,2009, A team of friends, family and I dressed in Team Parkinson t-shirts, went to the Peninsula at 8 am to run in an endurance run. The objective for us was to run in this event in an effort to raise money for Parkinson's - hoping for a cure! I started a group on facebook for this cause because 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with this dibilitating neurological disorder. I guess you could say my motives may have been alittle selfish, because although I know a cure will be an unbelievable blessing for many, I am one of those who will benefit from it.

After running 4 mi I took a small break, and as I was standing by the start/finish I noticed an elderly woman walking with a much younger gentleman. I noticed she has slight shaking, and I noticed her looking at my t-shirt, then up at me. A few minutes later, I ran another lap with my friend Mary. Then awhile after that my husband Matt, on his twelvth lap asked me to run his last one with him when he came back around. As I stood there waiting for him, the same elderly woman was coming to the finish. I watched her holding onto her walking partner, leaning forward as she struggled to get her footing due to the overwhelming tremors in her legs, all too familiar symptoms of Parkinson's. I heard the younger gentleman say to her "Well I guess three is your limit" As I watched her she was staring at me in my t-shirt, I smiled at her and told her she did a great job. She looked at me and said "Well, I haven't been out doing this in years"!

I was humbled by this woman. She put what we were doing there in perspective for me. She is at an age where she will probably not see a cure, but she is out there, not in a t-shirt trying to raise money for a cure, but she is out there showing her strength and fighting this disease every step of the way! I will always have the vision of this woman, a hero if you will, embedded in my memory and she will always be an ispiration, My Parkinson's Inspiration!

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