Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Procrastinating can be a good thing!

I am by nature the best procrastinator! I let things go until I am nearing the deadline, then I work frantically to get done what I started. Not to worry though. I always get er done on time, most of the time with no minutes left to spare, but done none the less.

Well,just recently I put together a baby book for Dan and Nicole for their bundle of joy.I worked on it here and there, trying to not put it off until the last minute. A few days before her due date, I finished it completely(pics are in previous post). I finished on time, and actually waited for over a week because the sweet little baby was not willing to arrive on time. I just loved the way it looked all decked out in blue and it even had the babys name on the cover - Tyler -...then the day finally came for the baby to be born. And when the baby arrived, it had a surprise of its own...Tyler was Amelia!We quickly removed Tyler, replaced it with Amelia and added a flower!

So, I guess my point of this is because of my impatience, I left my normal routine of waiting till the last min., and now Amelia has a funny story to tell about her Aunt Angie and her baby boy baby book:o)

What a beautiful baby she is. God is awesome!

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