Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ben and his favorite 'outfit'

This is my Ben, who just turned 3, in his favorite outfit. I cannot get him to wear anything else! When we are leaving the house in the middle of a snow storm, we have to compromise. We tell him, put these warm clothes on now, then when you get home you can put your soccer clothes back on. He agrees, and I am telling you as soon as we walk thru the door he is stripping asking "Where is my outfit".

I have a new system. When we leave the house, the clothes go in the washer, then in the dryer when we get home. HE is patient enough to wait until they get dried, but he is asking the whole time...Is my outfit done yet?!

They are so funny at this age! I asked him what he's gonna do when these clothes don't fit him anymore. He just looked at me and said "MOM...they fit fine!" Hopefully they have this in an adult large?!

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