Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Disney Bound

I am super excited! We have planned Disney vacations in the past only to end up cancelling them due to funding. Let me tell you - that is a disappointing feeling:o(.

But now, I am super excited because (crossing my fingers) It looks like this time is a GO! Everything is planned and we are just anxiously awaiting the 'BIG' day of departure to our fantasy vacation!

I have a travel agent who has helped us plan down to the very minute detail. She is one of my favorite people right now not only bcuz she is helping us plan this awesome vacation - but also because she gave me a craft project to do! I didn't know this, but in Disney the characters will sign an autograph book for you. So, you know me....I went right to work making these books for our vacation!

These are the covers to our books.
I love love love the world of crafting!
Can't wait till I have memory photos to put in cool pic frames that I will make!

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